Episode #6
September 25, 2017
TRT: 01:00:54

Title: Fall Art Openings (with guest Bryce Grates)
Topics: Show reviews of art that opened in September in NYC
Recs and Rants: NFL Protests, Podcasts, Presidential and Constitutional, Kill All Normies

Episode #5
August 28, 2017
TRT: 00:44:58

Title: They're All Flecked in Gold (The Food Episode)
Topics: What to Eat in Drink in NYC during Art Openings
Recs and Rants: Blocking Someone on Instagram, John McPhee

Episode #4
July 17, 2017
TRT: 00:30:04

Title: People Are Just Hanging On For Dear Life, That's Nice
Topics: Summer Blase, Jared Madere, Surfing
Recs and Rants: Back Door Donuts, Essex Street Market - Fish Monger

Episode #3
June 26, 2017
TRT: 01:00:12

Title: The Most Nefarious
Topics: Art in the Summer, Cemeteries, Cerebral Ranting (sorry fans)
Recs and Rants: The Mere Future at American Medium, Young Thug, Beautiful Thugger Girls

Episode #2
May 19, 2017
TRT: 00:38:39

Title: Surviving Damien Hirst
Topics: Venice Biennale, Damien Hirst, Surviving Biennales
Recs and Rants: Mekelberg's, I Love Dick (TV show)

Episode #1
May 3, 2017
TRT: 00:33:23

Title: 100 Art Fairs Later
Topics: Art Fairs, Frieze New York, Vito Acconci
Recs and Rants: The Mets Hats, Brian Sewell's Grand Tour